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Perşembe, Haziran 01, 2006

Charles Cho , J. Constantine Konstantos , Jason Constantine Konstantos , JC Konstantos , Jason Konstantos

This is not illegal blogging. the RCMP have an open dossier on these people.
For further info , please contact the RCMP.
This is a forum allowing all the victums worldwide to find the people that stole from and con'd them.
HardCopy proof available upon request
Jason and Charles T Cho.
Normally one is Innocent until proven Guilty, but in Jason's case , there are enough Documents,
Enough Testimonials, enough sworn statements, by enough people from so many
diverse countries where Jason and his family and friends have committed their
Frauds, Scams and illegal trafficking in humans and Money laundering
that the Legal Authorities in many countries will co-operate in order to bring
this to an end.

Your victims are still waiting for the return of their money.
They will not stop until you return their money.

You cant return their stolen dreams and hopes.
Your continued trafficking in humans will eventually be stopped.
Turn yourself in to the RCMP. Make it easier on your family. They are ashamed of you.
Jason , the minister of Justice for Greece has been notified. The only safe place for you on this planet will soon be in the hands of either the RCMP or Interpol. (is jail that bad.. think.. you get free meals :) and the entire country will have been con'd into paying your stay (by our tax dollars).

Lets ask Revenue Canada and Customs and Exise Canada to look at all the financial transactions for the past few years at least between Charles T. CHo and Jason Constantine Konstantos.

Who do they send and receive money to and from. Are they paying tax's? is the money from trafficking in Humans ? Does the money enter canada in a legal manor ? Does it leave Canada legally. By what means does charles and jason move money??

Jason for sure must owe Tony (416)677-5464 alot of money. Maybe tony needs to find Jason?Maybe tony or one of his "boys" will find jason first ? Possibly one of Tony's bullets will find Jason before the law does?

Jason , turn yourself in..

keep checking.... real proof will be available online for all to judge for themselves.

Jason , Amy and Henry didnt appreciate you stealing their identities and forging documents with their names.

see also: http://www.mapleleafimmigration.com



.....Click Here....to download PowerPoint Proof-1

.....Click Here....to download PowerPoint Proof-2

.....Click Here....to download PowerPoint Proof-3


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