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Perşembe, Ağustos 24, 2006

Jason Konstantos (kostakis) - Pathological Liar (Testamonial - Kemal Yuzguc)

Hi. my name is Kemal Yuzguc. I am a turkish child care worker.

I originally met Jason Konstantos (kostakis) through one of his agents in Antalya Turkey. I personally exchanged emails with Jason, Spoke to him on the phone for over a 6 month period.
The reason i was contacting Jason, was that i wanted to immigrate to Canada, and i needed Jason's services to process my immigration, and to guarentee me a job once i arrived. I paid a lot of money and was promiced the following services:

1) Jason guarenteed my entry to Canada
2) Jason guarenteed me a waiting job in Canada

3) We paid extra so that i could have a "fast-tracked" immigration.
(the fast tracking was to be done by Jasons cousin working at the time in CIC.(now at the DOJ). According to Jason, she was the key in getting us into Canada.

As you realize, when I embarked into this GUARENTEED process, Jason sent me duely signed documents and contracts. Contracts from his firm, as well as from CIC canada stating that my dossier was submitted and in the process of being treated by CIC Canada.

This all turned out to be false.

Jason never submitted ANYTHING to CIC Canada, and his contracts were worthless.

During this 6 month process, I closed up my life in Turkey, preparing for a new life in Canada. Sold all mypersonal belongings , quit my job, and took the normal steps one does when moving to a NEW COUNTRY.

Jason destroyed all of my dreams.

Later you will see the fake contracts that Jason submitted to us. You will also see the FORGED CIC documents and letters that Jason produced.

If you believe in GOD, and you want to help one of his children and pastor, then please help us bring Jason to Justice. Contact your Embassy , your member of parliment, your local Federal Law Enforcement, and give them the tools to help us.

Send them proof of Jason's con's and Scam's

We are but 1 of thousands of people and churches cheated by the Konstantos Crime Family.


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